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Democracy and Human Rights

Jordan's Progress
Keys to Effective Democracy
Dangers to Democracy
The Need for Openness and Dynamism
Unity and Equality for all Jordanians
Rights for Women and Children
Jordan as a Model for the Region


The Quest for Peace

Peace Among the Children of Abraham
Obstacles to Peace
Peace Brings True Security
The Need for a Regional Approach
Jordan's Commitment to Peace
A Better Future for the Peoples of the Region
Missed Opportunities of the Past
Peace Must be Based on Justice
The Arab Consensus for Peace


Arab Unity

Towards a New Renaissance
Foundations of Effective Unity
Jordan's Efforts for Unity
The European Model


Defending the Faith

Islam is a Religion of Peace
The Path to an Islamic Renaissance
Efforts to Promote Islam
Interfaith Dialogue and Tolerance


Jordan and the Palestinian Cause

Consistent Support for the Palestinians
The PLO as the "sole legitimate representative"
Disengagement from the West Bank
Future Status of Jordan and the West Bank
Final Status Negotiation Issues


The Holy City of Jerusalem

Hashemite Guardianship of the Holy Sites
As a Symbol of Interfaith Peace
Palestinian Rights



Efforts to Avoid War
Support for the Iraqi People
Calls for a US-Iraqi Dialogue


The United Nations

The Role of the United Nations
The Need to Implement all Resolutions Equally
Jordan and UN Peacekeeping
The United Nations University


The United States




Protecting the Environment