I believe Europe can play a role in the peace process by supporting the efforts of the US to reach a solution. And it is important that these efforts be coordinated with Europe -with the EU. It is essential that everybody contribute.

Interview with Morgenavisen Jyllandsposten newspaper
April 26, 1998


Friends in Germany, friends in Europe, your accomplishments are truly great and are inspiring to all of us in our part of the world, and we watch you and we share with you the pride in your great accomplishments of coming together in harmony, in mutual respect, in cooperation, in all fields, in all areas.

Address to Representatives of the German Media
Baden Baden, Germany
April 24, 1998


The European Union gives an example of how people went through wars from which they suffered more than we did in our entire region, but now they are a harmonious group that is, on the whole, coherent. There is a European parliament. Why do we not have one in the Arab world?

Interview with Orbit Television
February 25, 1998


It is perhaps too early to assess the impact of Europe on our region in the twentieth century. We are still experiencing the consequences of two devastating European wars and their repercussions on our lives. The major consequence of the First World War was a new map of our region drawn up by the victors. This map drew frontiers where there were none before, established a number of new states, and disrupted patterns of economic, social and family life which had formed through four centuries of Ottoman rule.

In our case, the dislocation of our former status took the form of a separation between the two sides of the River Jordan, which geographically and historically formed the Holy Land. The truncation of the Holy Land, and its political separation from its northern extensions to Lebanon and Syria, was carried one step further with the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

Into the former cohesion of our social, economic and cultural life was introduced a new element. Growing tensions between the incoming settlers and the indigenous population led to war, the mass displacement of the Palestinian people and the festering of political and ideological extremism which has plagued the entire Middle East for decades.

Address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Strasbourg, France
September 25, 1995


We believe that we have the ability, the will and the experience to generate from our own resources a momentum which will transform a developing country into a developed one and to set a dynamic example in our region. The support and the investments we seek are the sparks needed to drive the great human potential of our region. Europe and our region are extensions of one another. We invite you to join us to further and deepen the ancient bonds between us, and together to build the better world we seek.

Address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Strasbourg, France
September 25, 1995


I expect our many friends in Europe to be our partners. We are close together and they are close to us, and we are proud of the relations that exist between us and we would like to see them develop and grow. In terms of stability in this region, I believe this is important to Europe as it is important to us. Progress will enable us to complement each other in every way.

Interview with Euronews Television
July 1, 1995


The dream that I have nurtured for many years is at least to see our Arab world embarking on a similar experience such as you [Europeans] have lived through, and are living through . . . regardless of systems of government or the size of countries, the cooperation that has grown between you. Maybe one day we can see an Arab Parliament similar to the European Parliament, where people can together work and attain the better future that is their right. Then, true peace in that region would be within our grasp.

Address to the Royal United Services Institute for Defense Studies
London, United Kingdom
July 15, 1993


Look at Europe. We have seen it come closer together. Why is not this the case in our region?

Interview with French Television 3
May 16, 1993


I certainly see, maybe as a dream at this stage, the kind of condition that exists in Europe, with all the turmoil that Europe went through this century, where the system of government, be it monarchy or republic, doesn’t make any difference. Something along these lines should be possible in the Arab world.

Interview with Associated Press
May 1, 1993