The United Nations

The Need to Implement all Resolutions Equally

Unfortunately there is a notion that the Israelis get away with a lot, and do not face the kind of pressure being applied to Iraq with more and more deaths amongst the Iraqi people and more and more destruction. The perception of a double-standard is especially dangerous and bears very close watching.

Interview with Middle East Insight magazine
May-June, 1998



Even when we and the whole world were preoccupied with the Gulf Crisis, the case of peace never escaped our attention. We expressed this through our insistence that the international community should deal with Israel's occupation of Arab land with the same measures with which it dealt with Iraq's occupation of Kuwait. We called earnestly for resolving both conflicts on the same basis of international legitimacy.

Address to the Jordanian National Congress
October 12, 1991


The Middle East problems are by definition interrelated, and this is not subject to the decisions of one country or another, nor the decisions and moods of their leaders. What is required is adherence to the implementation of international legitimacy in resolving conflicts on which resolutions were adopted by the same body, the Security Council. Otherwise, how can the principle of international legitimacy, which is invoked by the super powers, be respected and be made relevant to the New World Order? How can we put our faith in international legitimacy if we do not reap its advantages equally as members of the United Nations? The resolutions of the Security Council pertaining to the Arab-Israeli conflict, of which the Palestinian problem is the root cause, must be implemented with the same vigor with which the implementation of the resolutions on the Gulf crisis are being pursued. This will ensure respect for international legitimacy and reassure small countries of their future in the New World Order.

Twenty-three years have passed since the adoption of Security Council Resolution 242, which has been accepted by all parties including the PLO. It has yet to be implemented. The Palestinian problem, which continues to fester and cause great suffering to the Palestinian people, is known to the whole world.

It is high time for all to defend international legitimacy by upholding it, and for the Security Council to show that it applies one and not two yardsticks.

Address to the Military Staff College Graduation
December 9, 1990


The principles of the United Nations and its authority are closely linked by respect for its resolutions and their implementation. Were this link to be severed, the gap between principles and authority would widen, leading to greater tensions among the member states.

Address to the Fortieth Session of the United Nations General Assembly
New York
September 27, 1985