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Accession to the Throne

On August 11, 1952, (and) at the tender age of sixteen, HM King Hussein was proclaimed King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This day of his inauguration is captured in the following short video clip which shows His Majesty entering Parliament and making the Royal Oath before the government and the nation. Shortly afterwards, on May 2, 1953, after reaching the age of 18 according to the Muslim calendar, King Hussein assumed his constitutional powers.

Mayo Clinic Return

Following the successful treatment for cancer in the United States, King Hussein returned to the Kingdom on September 24, 1992. In a tumultuous and spontaneous outpour of love, His Majesty was greeted by over one million people, a third of the population at that time, who lined the streets in a show of true jubilation. This video clip shows the motorcade procession of His Majesty being driven by his brother, Prince El Hassan, to the home of their mother Queen Zein al-Sharaf, and the waves of cheering crowds that overwhelmed the King’s car.

Special acknowledgement to Hanna Farraj, private cameraman to His Majesty King Hussein.



Poem of Jawahiri

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