Letter from HRH Crown Prince Abdullah
to His Majesty King Hussein

January 27, 1999


(Translated from the original Arabic)


Your Hashemite Royal Majesty King Hussein, may God protect him:

Peace and God's mercy be upon you.

With great pride and appreciation I received your noble letter in which you gave me your sublime instructions after you entrusted me with the post of crown prince of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and gave me your confidence, which is the most valuable thing in my life. This is one of your numerous glorious deeds to me, to the Hashemite family, and to the dear homeland, whose structure you strengthened with your pure hands, continuous struggle, and wisdom, which was attested to by those near and afar, your vision of the future, and your relentless courage and determination while leading the march of your faithful people and overcoming with them all the challenges and difficulties the region, including Jordan, has passed through over the past decades.

In spite of all these challenges, you realized great national achievements that drew the appreciation and respect of the whole world to this homeland whether in terms of all-out progress, the entrenchment of internal security and stability, or in terms of the work for entrenching the pillars of peace in this region, whose peoples suffered much as a result of wars and conflicts. These achievements are also manifested in opening the horizons for our democratic march and entrenching its foundations as a demonstration of the values of freedom and respect for human rights in which we believe, and I had the honor of learning in your school, benefiting from your wide experience and your inspiring and unique leadership, and taking an example from your great history, Hashemite tolerant nature, and noble traits on which we have been raised and which were deeply entrenched in our souls and consciences. Hence, you—may God protect you—added the legitimacy of achievement and construction to the historical and religious legitimacy, which your leadership enjoys.

At your great school, Sir, I learned that the united greater Jordanian family from all origins and roots is our family and clan, that they are Hussein's fellow companions, that they are the children and grandchildren of the pioneers who joined hands with the revolutionary leader Al-Hussein bin Ali and later rallied behind the founder grandfather, Abdullah bin al-Hussein. You have been the leader, teacher, father, brother, and friend of the members of this family, devoting every minute of your life to serving them, building their future, protecting their dignity and rights, and realizing their hopes and aspirations that are derived from the mission and principles of the Great Arab Revolt.

As for the Hashemite family, I am but one of its members and they are my kinfolk. I am proud to be one of them. I will endeavor to make the spirit of love, amity, compassion, altruism, and Hashemite morality the basis of relations among them. The aim which I will continue to work for will be the sincere, serious work that benefits the people, placing the homeland's interests above all other considerations.

I am, Sir, one of your sincere soldiers. You have placed your trust in me, something which I greatly cherish. God is my witness, I will do my utmost and, with your esteemed directives enunciated in your kind letter addressed to me, will continue the blessed and productive march what you have drawn up to serve the homeland and the people and realize the Jordanian people's hopes and aspirations for development, prosperity, and a secure, decent life, and for maintaining the cohesion of our domestic front as well as our national unity which we are proud of.

I pray to God Almighty to protect you, grant you good health, and keep you for beloved Jordan and for the Arab and Islamic nations. I also pray to God to support me and grant me success in being worthy of your trust and in working in accordance with God's desire and in the interest of the people and the homeland.

May God's blessings and peace be upon you.

Abdullah bin al-Hussein, Regent and Crown Prince