Letter from HRH Prince El Hassan to His Majesty King Abdullah

February 7, 1999

(Translated from the original Arabic)


In the name of God the Compassionate, the Benevolent


Your Majesty King Abdullah bin Al Hussein

King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

May God Save and Guard You,


I send you my very warmest greetings and love, with the heartfelt and most sincere congratulations of an affectionate uncle for his beloved nephews, indeed those of a loving father for his sons, Your Majesty and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hamzah, as well as your families.

You are a 'sayyid' of Bani Hashem who have continued to carry the banner in the defence of the Ummah and its right to a life of liberty and dignity. You are the son of Al Hussein bin Talal whose banner continues to fly high; the banner of a Sharif whose name is linked to the most glorious deeds, the most magnificent days and the most important achievements, and who goes down in history as one of the heroes of this Ummah in this century.

I pray God Almighty to guide you along the path of success and to strengthen your faith, to make the service of this country and its good people the ultimate object of your endeavour, to make them your refuge and your protector, and that you be the pillar on whose support your family, people and great nation may rely.

Through Your Majesty, I send my heartfelt congratulation to Hamzah, the heir to your blessed reign. He carries the name of the first man to present the Ummah with the virtue of familial solidarity, guided as he was to embrace the faith by his desire to rally around a member of his family, and having rushed to support, protect and uphold the dignity of his near of kin.

May worthy deeds and achievements be the jewel in the new Hashemite crown of your reign, and add to our pride and glory, that we gain strength from you, just as we did from the majesty and inspirational life of my brother and your father, Al Hussein bin Talal.

I stand in the eyes of God, country and our proud people, as a brother and supporter of Your Majesty and your Crown Prince. I shall never deny either of you any affection, Knowledge or support, just as I gave to my brother Al Hussein bin Talal throughout my life. I only ask God for myself, the country and Ummah that He grant you success and make steady your steps in your faith and your reign.

El Hassan bin Talal

Amman, February 7th, 1999