His Majesty King Abdullah Mourns the Late King Hussein

February 7, 1999

(Translated from the original Arabic)

Brother citizens, sons of the one Jordanian family, kinfolk, and friends of Al Hussein everywhere, and O Arabs and Muslims, it is with deep faith in God, submitting to God’s will, and with the patience of believers that I mourn to you and to the Arab and Islamic world and the entire world that Al Hussein bin Talal bin Abdullah bin Al Hussein, the King, the man, the believer, and the Hashemite Sharif, the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan who passed away while being patient, satisfied, and a believer. This is God’s will and God’s order.

May God comfort me for the loss of our beloved one, the loss of the nation and the homeland. I ask God Almighty to have mercy on Al Hussein and to grant the Jordanians of both sexes and the sons of the Arab and Islamic nation and all those leaders and people who love him in the world patience and solace.

May God have mercy on Al Hussein, the father, the brother, the leader, and the human being. Let us show patience and strong faith in God, the one and only. The soul of King Al Hussein will remain with, and among us. He will not be absent from our hearts and souls. We will preserve Al Hussein’s pledge to continue the construction and giving, with all loyalty and devotion, and for the sake of Jordan, the most glorious and the strongest, with all power and faith, united in hearts and minds, and as one united family.

Members of the Jordanian family; O my kinfolk and tribe: Al Hussein was a father and a brother to all of you. He was also my father. You are now my brothers and sisters. You are my consolation and hope after God. May God bless you and give us all solace.

From God we come, and to God we shall return.